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Canada can't meet or even try to meet Kyoto, Why ?
Germany, 3 times the size, will shortly have 35% renewable energy, generating 200,000 jobs while being the centre of European economy

Where are we, Canada ?
1. Is our government still relevant in the world ? Let's participate and actively promote good ideas and better policies.
2. We are over-burdened with Rules. Let's review and get rid of all marginal rules and processes that take more time to complete than any benefit gained.
3 Speak out. Encourage and reward good leaders, not negative press and attacks. We need them. Look at the folly and quality of choice in the US republicans.

The Global Economics Crisis
Fraud, Greed - Why the Economic Crash ?

Inside Job

Stocks, money, banks are services to support people and business assisting finances and rewarding good effort thus allowing all people to manage their lives.
Speculation, massive speculation is now based on rumours, trends, greed, and not on real business values and people.
Pressure on business is to ever increase profits at any cost, not just make money with a stable business.
FEAR is generated by the news media and the rapid information exchanged and fast fluctuations the occur.

Changes in the real economic structure of these must be accepted by the G8/20 and the world economic leaders. Discuss a non-MAXIMIZING PROFIT option in Davos, responsible business.

Regulations, rules : are they too formal ?

Can we still save our world ?

Vote, speak up, blog ...

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